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This community is for people that love to get postcards to brighten thier otherwise junkmail filled day!

How it works:

Step One: If you are leaving your hometown or just willing to send out a post card, post and let us know and the number of post cards you are willing to send out. Also, please include your email address in your post. If its your first time posting, please tell us how you found this community.

Step Two: Anybody that wants to get a post card from this person/place you must either comment with mailing address or email them personally.(If you are going to email the person make sure you comment letting the person know you are doing so.)

Step Three: If you are the person that is sending out the postcards make sure that they are postmarked from that city(thats part of the fun).

Step Four (optional): Anybody that receives a postcard should return a postcard from thier hometown.(It would be a nice thing to do)

Dont for get to lick and no paper cuts on your tongue.